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Strategies for effective time management in the times of COVID 19

The world has changed. Our lives as we know it has taken a considerable turn of events. Not only has it become increasingly important to adapt to the changing times, for many who have been fortunate enough to work from home. It has also become an equally frustrating time to manage the different aspects of our lives while focusing on working remotely.

Time management is the process of planning, organizing, and dividing our time between the activities that are important to us. It involves deliberate planning, execution, and accountability for what we need to do. Practicing effective time management skills has become more important than ever, as many people are juggling seemingly endless and often time-consuming responsibilities.

Here are 5 tips for effective time management skills you can learn to stay ahead.

  1. Set personal goals

Setting clear and concise goals is a surefire way to stay productive and on top of your game. The moment we are unclear about what we need to do the more we allow feelings of frustration and a lack of motivation to disrupt our progress.

  1. Set a time limit for each task

We all have 24hrs in a day, what we do with the hours in our day determines how much we can get done. Although the world has moved away from the endless hustle and bustle, let’s face it it has become equally challenging to manage our time effectively. A proven way to make sure that we use our time effectively is to set a time limit for each task. This can help us to maintain focus, keep distractions at bay, and avoid procrastination.

  1. Plan Ahead

As the adage goes; “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and this couldn’t be any further from the truth, a well planned day provides us with a sense of urgency and purpose to complete the tasks at hand and allows us to maintain our momentum.

  1. Progress over perfection

Valuing progress over perfection is an effective productivity strategy. Very often the quest for perfection in our daily tasks stifles our productivity and creativity. Learning how to value progress over perfection can help us feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.

  1. Be Gentle to yourself

Change is messy, getting into and maintaining a new routine is challenging to say the very least. It requires consistency and determination to get it right. This means making mistakes and failing along the way. There are times when you will feel a lack of motivation, during these times it is important to practice kindness. You are doing your best. Keep going.

If you enjoyed reading this blog post, let us know how you are managing your time and staying ahead of your game.

Stay Safe.

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