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Five facts you might not know about Youth Tourism

By Siya Nyulu

Khwela Academy, an organisation for future youth tourism stars contributes immensely to the youth tourism sector through its graduates who are young women passionate about travel and the tourism industry. But what is youth tourism?.

Youth tourism can be seen through modern initiatives including (but not limited to); travel, backpacking, youth hostels, working holiday programs, education, student flights, cultural exchange, backpacker transport, adventure tours, volunteering, internships, student travel insurance, youth travel agents, tourism boards, internet cafes, language courses, student identity cards and student exchange (World youth student and educational travel 2009).

Youth Tourism can be seen through modern initiatives and it plays a crucial role in alleviating poverty.

Here are important things to know about Youth Tourism

Youth tourism plays a crucial role in alleviating poverty.

It gives young people opportunities to explore different places and it creates jobs through the volunteering and internship programs. By giving jobs to the youth, we create a generation of people who are employed and can create more jobs for others.

Youth tourism is the most dynamic markets of the global tourism industry.

The youth are positive in attitude and full of energy and new ideas which makes them a force which stimulates change and progress within the tourism industry.

Youth travel is one of the fastest growing markets of the tourism industry.

It is fast growing because of the consistency of youth. They spend more than the average tourist, they visit places repetitively and they are likely to inform their neighbours, friends and family about their experience, making the interest in travel attractive to others as well.

The youth travel market is more resilient than the rest of the tourism industry.

The youth are eager to learn, and they are excited to see things they are not used to in the countries. The young traveller is one that wants to explore and be part of an adventure they will never experience anywhere.

Youth travellers are influencers and trend-setters that attract others to brands and destinations.

The youth are tech-savvy and update almost everything they do on social media. They are up to date with the latest trends and usually are the ones who want to start a trend.

Youth tourism is the future, young women are the future. Join Khwela Academy for the youth tourism experience.

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