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Embracing The New Normal : 5 Steps for embracing change in uncertain times.

You’ve probably heard it by now, “ The New Normal” - a new term that is currently creating quite a buzz on our social media feeds, as many are adapting to the change and uncertainty caused by the lifestyle changes of the COVID 19 pandemic.

Greek philosopher, Heraclitus could not have said it any better when he said, “ The only constant in life is change” and we couldn’t agree more.

But let’s admit for a moment, change is messy, ugly, scary, and intimidating to say the very least. It is without a doubt one of the most dreaded processes that life offers us. It has been proven time and time again that humans are creatures of habit and we are hardwired to avoid pain and discomfort. Anything that threatens our survival, takes us out of our comfort zone and questions our worldview is often met with rigidity and contempt. This is part of life.

Change is a beautiful process, it is the basis on which human existence is formed. Without change everything would be dull and stale, there would be no creativity, innovation, or improvements to the quality of life. Imagine that for a moment.

Here are 5 steps for embracing change.

  1. Be Present

Change happens in the here and now, it is often so easy for us to become aloof and distant when we are faced with difficult or unprecedented situations. The trick here is to be present, with your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

2. Embrace the unknown

Embracing the unknown takes guts and bravery, it means taking the leap without a safety net and trusting and believing in yourself even when you’re a little bit unsure.

3. Take Control

Taking control means taking personal responsibility for yourself and your actions. When we are in the midst of uncertainty and change we may feel like we have lost our sense of direction and control, this is the brain's response to change. It is important that we take control of what we can and to do this to the best of our ability.

4. Accept and Surrender

Taking control of your life means accepting and surrendering to that which you have no control over. To accept and surrender is not a sign of weakness or incompetency, but a path to allow and welcome change into your life

5. Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a powerful practice that allows space for self-reflection on the things which we often take for granted. It creates a sense of abundance in our lives that we may often overlook when we feel like we’ve been thrown into the deep end.

So there you go, change is essential for personal growth and development. It enhances the quality of our lives and teaches us important life lessons that we can apply in any situation.

How are you embracing change in your life right now?

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