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Brenwin Guest House talks collaboration with Khwela

Brewnin Guest House which collaborated with Khwela on the first round of the program said they were thrilled to be part of an organisation that contributes to a better future for women .

“We have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Khwela Youth Tourism. There were so many questionnaires, a presentation and interviews to make sure we understood what we were signing up for, and that we would end up with a suitable candidate.

The program aims at giving disadvantaged women the opportunity to get a flash course about tourism and through their internship they have a realistic chance of getting a permanent job. Alternatively, if they don’t get a permanent position at their place of internship, they would have gained some experience.

Small businesses often struggle to find the right person for the job, and if you don’t join an agency, it can be daunting to interview a long line of mostly unsuitable candidates. We thought that Khwela made it a pleasant process for finding new people. Everybody wins. You are helping a candidate gain experience, and Khwela helps you to find a suitable new employee.

We applaud the women who dreamed up this program South Africa needs to roll out many, many more of these types of internship based programs. This is a fantastic way to gain entry into the market, and to walk out with enough skills to either get hired by the host company, or to have some experience behind their name, and a first reference on their otherwise empty CV.

Brenwin Guest House is thrilled to have been part of the first round of Khwela Youth Tourism. We hope that you receive all the support you need to carry on your meaningful work, and ultimately, continue to contribute to a better future for these women! The result is a positive ripple effect for these families who are lucky enough to be involved in your project!” said Kelly Urban of Brenwin Guest House.

- You can be Khwela’s partner for 2019 by employing a graduate at the end of the program as an intern for about six months before employment. You select your preferred intern from our 40 students! You can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeDqvVy54mtfzDX5YqeQtbmuTIHBPpCrOYWDWnUh1bjFUvuTA/viewform

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