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Be a tourist in your own city! Five cool tourist attractions to visit

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

How well do you know your city, the attractions and all the cool destinations that other’s travel miles to explore?. Cape Town is rich with tourist attractions that highlight the city’s history. Being a tourist in your own city can help you see the city with new eyes and awakens appreciation for your surroundings. Khwela Youth Tourism Stars participants recently took the same route and became tourists in their own city; participants visited their favourite attractions such as Table Mountain, Cape Point Tour, a Scavenger Hunt around the city, a Cape Malay cuisine Cooking Class as well as a City walking tour. Read below to find out more on what they got up to.

Bo-Kaap Walking Tour


“Bo-Kaap, a Cape Town suburb built in the 70’s is one of the oldest suburbs in South Africa. The first house in Bo Kaap was built by Jan de Waal and still stands atop of Bo Kaap. It was considered as a pit stop by sailing vessel from Europe to India to collect and trade. They collected spices, traded mirrors anBo Kaap slowly emerged after that because all these people coming here needed places to stay as some of them had settled and somewhere bought as slaves and labourers. The first Mosque in the country was built here in Bo Kaap by an incredible man named Tuwan Goroo, this phenomenal man not only built the Mosque but also the first Muslim School in the country. Tuwan Goroo was also captivated in Robben Island for three years. The other special thing about this community is the Cape Malay lifestyle, from food to clothing and their religious practises. Bo Kaap is a must see while on your visit to Cape Town; you’ll walk away with so much knowledge of the origin of Cape Town, the Cape Malay people and how far the country has come since the seventies. Our tour guide by Reena was amazing, we learnt so much under his guidance and he also showed us the best spots to hang around and take pictures in Bo Kaap, we would recommend the Bo Kaap tour any day,”.

Cooking Class

Cape Malay Cooking Class

"On our cooking class we made a number of dishes that highlight the Cape Malay culture, we made dishes such as chicken curry, koeksisters, samosas which is the signature dishes and more. In the 1700's Cape Town was recognised as a pit stop from Europe to India where the European collected spices and

because they stopped here they had a chance to get fresh food and water, with making that fresh food they would also use the spices collected from India.

That’s where the origin of the Cape Malay cooking came from, using these unique spices like Turmeric, Coriander, Cumin and Chilli.

Upon arrival at our class we learnt a bit of the history behind the Cape Malay cooking and their signature dishes.

Samosa being the signature starter, we were taught that one can use various fillings such as mince, chicken or veggies to make the perfect samosa.

The key is also to spice your filling so that you don’t get a bland samosa as the pastry used has no spices.

Also making sure that all the comers of the samosa triangle are closed so no filling.

Our chef for the day, Aunty Faeeza shared wityh us stories of how she became a successful entrepreneur and how her love for cooking and culture has made her the successful woman she is today.

Her kitchen is a gem in Bo Kaap, and thousands of tourists visit it for a taste Cape Malay dishes.

City Walking Tour

"The free walking tour is one of the much loved tours for people who want to learn more about Cape Town. The walking tour is offered on a daily basis. The tours range from the Historical City Tour or the Apartheid to Freedom Tour, the Bo Kaap Tour or Apartheid to Freedom Tour. The walking tour draws a mental picture of the history of Cape Town. The tour guide was knowledgeable and gave us an insight of the background of the city that we never knew existed. You arrive knowing so little about your city and you walk away with so much to share, it makes you look at everything so differently,”.

Table Mountain by Cable way

Table Mountain by Cable way

"Our trip was the table mountain and it was so much fun riding the cable car was super awesome with the rails could be extended it felt like it was the first time going on. We saw a group was the most amazing view of Cape Town and its surrounding. Our guide Bongani did an amazing job with the tours. We saw Cape Town from the top. It was amazing. It was such a remarkable experience,".

City Sight Seeing Bus, Cape Point Tour

"Our drive around Chapmans peak was absolutely stunning! The views were incredible and there are so many cool picnic spots and places to take pictures. Another cool experience was Cape Point it self and taking pictures by the iconic sign. As well as hiking up to the old light house...it was a bit tiring but definitely worth it because the views up there of Cape Town was truly a beautiful sight. Over all it was an amazing experience and would definitely recommend you try it,".

Participant Cizi Godwana said the day trips were a remarkable experience: "For the first time I was able to view Cape Town in the eyes of a tourist - the tours were educational. I loved that I could get more insight of most places but also capture them through pictures. This exercise has made it easier for me to share the experience with someone else and through the experience I know now what makes Cape Town the Mother City," she said.

Interested in becoming part of the program? Khwela is currently looking for tourism partners in the Cape Town area for internship possibilities, as well as tourism experts and passionate travellers to share their stories with the current cohort. The next three-week road-trip will commence in October, and any in-kind contributions (transport, accommodation and experiences) will be greatly appreciated.

To get involved click here!.

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