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5 Benefits of a LinkedIn account

Job searching can be stressful and daunting. However, LinkedIn can be a useful platform for your next job search and to connect you with potential employers. To guide you on your next job search - Khwela has outlined five benefits of having a LinkedIn account and how it can help you on getting that next job! Do not have an account? Click here to start setting up.

It connects you to the right people.

It's not about what you know, it's about who you know. Recruiters are looking for you and all you have to do is to introduce yourself to them by clicking the ‘connect’ button. LinkedIn gives you the advantage of showcasing your skills and interest with the end goal of a possible opportunity.

Tip: Find the names of the companies you are interested in and start connecting with them by introducing yourself and your interests. You never know, they could be your next employer.

You can advertise your skill-sets.

LinkedIn is more like an online version of your resume. Here you can put all your qualifications as well as all the other trainings you have done and there is an option to reflect on how you found these experiences. This is good for recruiters to click on your profile and find all your experiences without having to actually ask you.

Tip: Note down any skill you might have acquired along the way, any learnership or program that you were part of!

It is more than just your CV.

Recruiters are interested in your qualities as much as they are on your skills. They want to know your interests. Are you volunteering for a cool organisation or company or community program? This could add to your chances of securing that job of your dreams.

Tip: If you are volunteering for a certain program do mention the name and the link to their website or social media account.

You get to know what companies you are interested in are up to.

When you have connected with that company or organisation you are interested in you’re now updated on what they do, their news, and if they are looking for new people.

Tip: If you see they have posted some exciting news about their company or organisation you can send a message and congratulate them.

You get the job!

All the recruiters and business owners are on LinkedIn and the job listings are updating on a daily basis. If you are serious about your job search you can use this to your advantage and stay up to date with who’s hiring.

Tip: To let recruiters and companies/organisations you are interested in knowing you are ready for new opportunities, you must turn “On” your signal. To be able to do this, you must have a LinkedIn account. Once you have one, go to your home page and click the “Jobs” tab on the toolbar.

For more on how to set up a LinkedIn read here

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