We believe in the power of womxn to change communities

“How can we summon a moment of life for human beings - especially women? Because when we lift up women, we lift up humanity” 

Melinda Gates - A Moment of Lift

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What is a Khwela circle? 
It’s a safe space to connect to womxn in your community and beyond.

We are on a mission to provide young womxn with personal development tools and access to mentors and experts through community- based safe spaces we call “Sister'hood' Circles”. Where womxn and those who identify as womxn can exist in spaces that are safe, open, and inclusive.


Our vision is to self-empower 2 000 womxn through Khwela Sisterhood’ circles. To shift mindsets through personal transformation and experiential learning using our online learning platforms.

Coming to a sister'hood' near you.

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